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  • Start Date: 8 Nov 2022
  • Location: London, UK

The UK’s premier identity management event connecting enterprise with business

Bringing together the leading actors, thinkers, and organisations within the identity management space

With a long-held and well-established track record of delivering identity management focused events that are situated at the cutting edge of innovation and through which the revelation of new and emerging tools and techniques are shared, Whitehall Media’s IDM November 2022 promises to yet again fulfill its role as the leading platform through which new discoveries are shared, solutions to existing problems identified and meaningful partnerships between providers and users formed.

Whatever your motivation for wishing to attend, no matter your background or level of experience, IDM November 2022 caters to all levels and disciplines. Whether you need to better understand how to become a better communicator, account for the enterprise privacy-personalisation conundrum, move from the pilot to production stage in IAM programme management, or how to protect every privilege in every setting, we have you covered.

  • Zero Trust in the modern digital workplace

  • Authorization-as-a-Service: why it matters

  • Accessible IAM: for business and end-users

  • You’ve successfully implemented an Identity Governance Solution – now what?

  • The needs of the few – Why security awareness training for developers matters

  • Biometrics: a revolution in waiting?

  • External CIAM: enabling trust between individuals and organisations

  • Real-time privileged threat analytics

  • The rush to the cloud: why Covid accelerated adoption

  • Building your IAM watchtower: continuous verification

  • Entitlement management: why provisioning should never be static

  • Managing your IAM services in unison with a trusted partner

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