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  • Start Date: 5 Oct 2022
  • Location: Stokholm, Sweden

​Identity Day

Identity Day is a niche event within identity security or, as it is often called, IAM. Industry professionals gather here for a whole day to talk about and present news in the industry, exchange experiences, success stories and thought leadership and much more.

You will hear about companies and authorities' IAM journeys and what the suppliers see will come in the future as well as their recommendations for how to meet it.

Do you work with information security and think about identities, permissions, roles and access in your organization during the day? Then Identity Day is an event you don't want to miss!

Thought leaders, success stories, best practices, panel debates and much more. Here you will hear from the industry's leading experts. Gain insights into where the market is heading and how to tackle the area.

Where do you start and how should you think about IAM, IGA, PAM, AM and other parts of identity security so that it gets right.

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