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When should you hire a contractor?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Olivia Collins

Contractors, sometimes called freelancers or temporary staff, are the unsung heroes of the identity & access management world, and the tech space more broadly. They swoop in at a moment’s notice and provide in-depth expertise and a wealth of experience from working on a whole range of different projects. If your project or team is stuck, a contractor could be just the thing you need to get going again. 


So when should you hire a contractor? Here are a few times when a contractor might be just what you need:

1. Your client base is growing 

Hiring a contractor is an excellent way to supplement your existing team. Maybe you have a new client or project that needs additional resources, or your client base is growing faster than your team, and so you need additional support to facilitate the growth of your business. 

2. There is a skills gap in your team

Perhaps you need someone with highly specialized experience, that no one in your team has. A contractor could plug the skills gap in your organization for the short-term that it is needed, without having to find, hire and onboard a permanent employee, or up-skill existing staff, both of which take significant time. 

3. An urgent deadline is approaching

Sometimes deadlines come round sooner than you think and you need an extra member of the team to help you sprint to the finish line. Contractors in any roles can help make sure you meet your deadlines and impress your clients. They can also help to alleviate some pressure from your existing team members, ensuring that your team don’t suffer from burnout, and your project gets delivered successfully. 

Contractors are assets to many teams, however, they are not appropriate for all projects, and there may be certain times that a different solution is needed. By appointing a specialist staffing agency, you will receive guidance on the best solution to your staffing requirements. Whether you need an individual with specialist expertise, or a whole team of experts, make sure you get access to the best IAM talent through an expert staffing agency that specialises in your industry. 

At Cloud Identity, we specialize in sourcing experienced IAM & PAM professionals, meaning you can create a team with the exact experience and skills you are looking for. Our specialist recruitment consultants work solely within the Identity & Access Management or Privileged Access Management sphere, spending 100% of their time talking to professionals within the industry. Once you have found your ideal team member, our Contractor Care Team looks after onboarding, invoicing, payment and ongoing management during their appointment. 

If you think your next project could benefit from the help of a contractor, give us a call. 

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